Finsbury Pump Systems

Supplying Quality Finsbury Pump Systems Across Australia

Midwest Valves & Controls has built a relationship with Finsbury Pump Systems. They provide excellent technical advice for the mining sector’s pumping requirements and have a warehouse in Adelaide.

Midwest Valves & Controls distributes their product range which includes:

  • Finsbury Pump Systems
  • Poseidon Pumps- dry prime waste water pumps
  • Rovatti Pompe- multistage centrifugal and tractor drive centrifugal
  • Verderair Pumps
  • IHP- submersible pumps
  • Quax- hydraulic drive trash and waste water pumps
  • Minetuff- dewatering pumps available with 415 and 1000 volt options from 5 to 37kw
  • Centrifugal pumps-ISO standard close coupled and bare shaft

For the complete range of Finsbury Pump Systems pumps go to

For the Poseidon pumps Deutz and other diesel engine manufacturers’ engines can be fitted. Please advise your pumping process conditions and we will select a suitable one. Deutz engines are supported nationally.

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