Diesel Handling & Lubrication Equipment

Many of these Products can be purchased on-line, as we are a Distributor we offer free advice, data, tracking, warranty assists and the Products you need at the best prices. 

Midwest Valves & Controls supplies reliable diesel handling and lubrication equipment for our customers. Products available are hand and 12/24VDC electric pumps, air operated diesel transfer pumps, 240V AC electric diesel pumps, diesel bowsers , bulk transfer pumps and hose reels. manual and automatic diesel nozzles. We supply bulk diesel fuel nozzles, single and dual plane fuel nozzle swivels and breakaway couplings.

For lubrication, we supply hand and air operated grease guns, air operated grease pumps and kits. Bulk grease transfer packages are available in floor stand or manifold assemblies where bulk and high pressure pumps can be used. Flexible mounting options are available for enclosed grease hose reels. Graco specialise in these.

We resell automatic lubrication systems. The benefits of automatic lubrication are extended equipment life ensuring less component wear. It will also result in less waste as lubricants are measured. A full range of grease gun accessories are available.

We resell air operated diaphragm and electric oil pumps. We supply inline digital and mechanical oil meters.

Diesel handling and lubrication Brands We Stock

Aflo Equipment

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