Air Release Valves

Kinetic Air/Vacuum Valve
These exhaust large quantities of air from the pipeline when it is filled with water at low pipeline pressure. It admits large quantities of air into the pipe when it is drained or when the internal pressure drops below atmospheric pressure due to transient conditions (kinetic anti-vacuum function)

Automatic air release valves
These release small pockets of accumulated air while the pipeline operates under pressure. (automatic air release function)

Combination air valves
Valves that perform the functions of both the kinetic and automatic.

Sewer & wastewater systems
Valves are available to release air from sewer & wastewater systems that are Australian designed and manufactured. One model is designed to withstand constant exposure to methane and sulphur gases.
AVFI’s air release/vacuum break valves range in size from DN15 to DN300 with pressure ratings from PN10 to PN40.

Sizing principles
The volumetric air flow through the air valve is equal to the flow rate of water filling or emptying the system.

Valve Brands We Supply

Advanced Industrial Systems
All Valves Pty Ltd
AVFI Pty Ltd
ASCO Emerson
AVK Flow Control
Challenger Valves
Ebro Valves

GF Piping Systems
Glen Valves
HMA Valveco
Industrial Fittings Sales
John Valves Pty Ltd
Matrix Process Solutions-Alpha Laval
Measurement Plus
Merriman Controls
IMI Norgren

Oceanic Controls
Orbinox valves
Powell Industrial
Process Systems
Rotork Australia
SMC Pneumatics Spirax-Sarco

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