Industrial & Domestic Pump Systems

Midwest Valves & Controls supplies industrial pumps in the following categories:

  • Ezi-action® drum pumps
  • peristaltic pumps
  • solenoid driven chemical dosing pumps
  • submersible pumps
  • engine driven pumps
  • centrifugal pumps
  • progressive cavity pumps.

Midwest Valves & Controls will back these products with any repair and spare parts after the sale. We broadened our product offering to pumps in 2005 and have gained the necessary experience in handling such a range.

Pumping Equipment Brands We Supply

Aussie Pumps
Commodore Energy
Delta Water
Flextool Concreting
General Pump Co
Matrix Solutions-Alpha Laval
Nastec Solar Pumps
Orange Pumps

Rapid Spray
Southern Cross
Southern Pumps
Star Solar
Toolkwip Pumps
Tsurumi and Wilden
Verder DURA pumps
Welling & Crossley
White International

Engine Drive Pumps

Types of engine drive pumps are firefighters, water transfer from 1” to 6”, trash pumps with non-clog open impellers, and chemical transfer pumps. They can be equipped with Honda petrol engines or Yanmar diesel engines.

Centrifugal pumps are supplied for water in single or three-phase electric or low voltage DC for water and chemical applications.

Our Pump Suppliers

We choose quality suppliers who are continually developing their ranges to meet market demands.

Solenoid-driven dosing pumps commonly have PVDF pump heads and connection fittings. They are designed for continuous or intermittent operation and convey chemicals with precise control into water treatment & process systems.

Midwest Valves And Controls, Pumps For Any Project

At Midwest Valves and Controls, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service, assisting customers with all of their pump and equipment needs. We’re expert pump suppliers and often find ourselves applying that expertise to help our customers source the best pumps and valves for their upcoming projects.

Choosing The Best Pump For Your Project

There are many different types of pumps, so you want to make sure you select one that is most appropriate for your needs. To help you do that, we’ve put together a list of considerations you should take into account when shopping for a new pump:

  • Flow. Understanding your flow rate will help you determine the kind of pump you need. For example, a higher flow rate requires are larger pump.
  • Vapour pressure. Research the vapour pressure of your process liquid.
  • Media characteristics. Will you be using your pump for liquid or gas? Understanding the media you’ll be pumping is a must when finding a compatible pump.
  • Suction. How do you intend to feed the pump? 
  • Engine type. Do you want a petrol or diesel engine?
  • Pressure. Understanding the inlet and outlet pressure you will be pumping against will help you determine the size and type of pump necessary for the job.
  • Viscosity. How dense is your liquid at the pump’s lowest possible pumping temperature?
  • Temperature. You want to ensure that your pump can handle your process liquid’s temperature. Look into how hot your liquid is supposed to get and select a pump accordingly.

Is It Time To Replace My Pump?

There are many reasons why a pump might break down. Variables like age, treatment, and maintenance history can cause your pump to stop working. Below are some signs that it might be time to replace your pumps:

  • Leaks. There are a number of reasons your pump might be leaking. Often it is caused by worn down parts or a lack of lubrication. Leaking pumps can cause a ripple effect of issues, so it’s crucial to get it looked at right away.
  • Cracks. In most cases, cracks are caused when too much stress is put on the pump. To prevent this, make sure to adhere to the specifications in your user manual.
  • Corrosion. A chemical reaction has occurred between the liquid used in the pump and its metal exterior.
  • Dropped pressure/flow. There are several reasons for a pump’s drop in pressure and flow. If you’re finding the pressure on your pump is impaired, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Deposit build-up. Not taking the proper precautions to keep your pumps in working order may result in a buildup of deposits that can cause damage to your equipment in the long term.
  • Noise. Take note of the noise that is emitted from your pumps. If something seems amiss, there’s a chance you’re due for a replacement.   

About Our Pumps

Here at Midwest Valves and Controls, we’re proud to offer our customers top of the range industrial pumps and domestic pumps from some of the world’s most reputable manufacturers. For this reason, we’re able to back our products, providing our customers with any spare parts and necessary repairs needed after purchase. In addition, we supply pumps in the following categories:

  • Ezi-action® Drum Pumps
  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Solenoid Driven Chemical Dosing Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Engine Driven Pumps — Equipped with Honda petrol engines or Yanmar diesel engines
    • Firefighting pumps
    • Water transfer from 1” to 6”
    • Trash pumps (non-clog open impellers)
    • Chemical transfer pumps
  • Centrifugal Pumps
    • Supplied for water in:
      • Single
      • Three-Phase Electric
      • Low Voltage DC for water and chemical applications

To Purchase Quality Pumps In Australia, Contact Midwest Valves And Controls Today

Midwest Valves and Controls has been operating since 2001, and ever since, we’ve been supplying quality equipment to customers across Australia. A qualified Chemical Engineer, our founder, Peter Willis, is an expert when it comes to pumps, valves, and other industrial instruments, working closely with suppliers and pump manufacturers like Seepex to ensure our customers get the very best equipment and service, every time they shop with us. So, whether you’re on the hunt for a new centrifugal pump, control valves or any other industrial equipment and parts, you can rest assured that our team at Midwest Valves and Controls have got everything you need. To learn more about our extended range of products or to speak to professional pump suppliers, get in touch with our experienced team today.

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