Industrial Valves Supplier | Australia

Valves are used to isolate, allow or control fluid flow according to their type. Gate and ball valves are used to isolate flow and when opened are mainly opened fully.

Types of industrial Valves we supply:

Gate valves

Gate valves have a threaded stem between the handwheel or actuator and the gate inside the valve body. Resilient seated gate valves are used in the water and wastewater industries.

Ball valves

Ball valves turn through 90 degrees and can be manually lever-actuated or actuated by pneumatic or electric actuators. Ball valves can have floating seats that the ball closes onto or may be manufactured with trunnion mounting.
The trunnions absorb side load pressures on the valve ball. Pneumatic actuators require a source of dry filtered compressed air while electric actuators have varying degrees of complexity depending on the application. Electric actuators generally close and open slower than pneumatic ones.
Sometimes substantial volumes of air are entrained in liquids so air release valves have been designed to release the air from the liquid. Check or non-return valves permit fluid flow in one direction only. These can be swing check, spring check, ball check, tilting disc, and rubber duckbill.