Control Valves | Australia

There are many ways to control the rate of fluid flow in a pipeline. Midwest Valves & Controls’ engineer will size the control valves for your plant based on the process and environmental conditions for your plant. Information we need is as follows:

Fluid name and properties- is it 2 phase, if corrosive what chemical are we dealing with?

  • Inlet pressure
  • Outlet pressure
  • Flow rate range from minimum to maximum
  • Fluid temperature
  • Failure action on pneumatic or electric actuators on loss of air or power
  • Type of actuator required
  • Position transmitters- do they need to be smart?
  • Signal to the positioner- 4-20ma or other

This will enable us to obtain the best choice for the situation from a variety of manufacturers.


RF pinch valve with WPC positioner

RF Actuated Valves in Plant