Industrial Instrumentation

Industrial instrumentation that Midwest Valves & Controls supplies is pressure, level, flow and temperature sensors and transmitters. Pressure gauges and switches are supplied for measuring and controlling vacuums or pressures.

Flow devices are indicators, switches and transmitters. Metal tube variable area flowmeters are a cost effective option for flow indication of liquids and gases. They require a vertical mounting position.

Magnetic flowmeters measure flow rates by employing Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.
Advantages of magnetic flowmeters are:

  • There are no moving parts or obstructions.
  • Accurate to +/- 0.25% of reading.
  • Can respond well to rapid changes of flow.
  • Fluids must be conductive
  • Applicable to liquids with particulates.

Swiss based Trafag is a leading international supplier of quality sensors for measuring pressure and temperature. To complement these process meters are available.

We supply TEC bimetal thermometers and TCA large 100mm displays of temperature. We can supply non-contact infra red thermometers too. For temperature control, we supply Shinko, Novus and Caho temperature controllers. Automated Control P/L, Burkert, Midstream Instrumentation, Ross Brown Sales & Temperature Controls P/L

Instrumentation Brands We Supply

Ambit Instruments
Automated Control
Baccara Geva
Control Components
D&N Engineering
Dwyer Instruments
Endress & Hauser

Engine Protect Equip
Global Sonics
IMI Norgren
Kelco Engineering
Midstream Instrumentation

Temperature Controls
Zenith Sales & Calibrations

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