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Wide Range of Solenoid Valve Suppliers Available

A solenoid valve is an electromechanical device. The valve operation is controlled by an electric current applied to the solenoid coil. For a 2 port valve, the flow is switched on or off. For a 3 port valve, the outlet flow is switched between ports.

We have many solenoid valve suppliers to choose from so that will make your task easier for procuring them. For example a 3/2 valve is 3 way with 2 positions for the air to flow to.

Asco Numatics, Burkert Fluid Control Systems, IMI Norgren and Process Systems are the brands that we stock. Directional control valves are particular solenoid valves that can be mounted to pneumatic actuators on process valves. There is an international standard called NAMUR that allows a common mounting profile for each directional control valve.

Solenoid valves that have the WaterMark symbol are for use on potable water. Some valves have a manual override facility. Special constructions are available for controlling steam or high temperature fluid flow. These are commonly normally closed valves that require a current to open the valve.

Our Solenoid Valve Products

Asco Numatics, Burkert, IMI Norgren, K-Torc & Process Systems.