Midwest Valves & Controls sells industrial equipment in the fields of pumps, valves, pneumatics, diesel handling, lubrication equipment and equipment. To do this we have accounts with Australian wholesalers of such equipment who demonstrate a commitment to our values of product knowledge, availability, communication and quality.

For industrial valves we choose from Advanced Industrial Products, AAP Industries, AVFI Pty Ltd, AVK Flow Control Pty Ltd, Global Valves & Fittings and HMA Valveco.

For pumps we choose from Clayton Engineering, Finsbury Pump Systems, Grundfos, Northstar, Orange Pumps, Pentair Onga, Pentair Southern Cross and Toolkwip Pumps. For progressive cavity pumps we choose SEEPEX. Within Toolkwip Pumps we are particularly interested in the Blue-White, Jabsco and Totton ranges. Blue-White supply metering pumps and flowmeters. Jabsco supply stainless steel centrifugal and flexible impeller pumps. The bronze flexible impeller utility pump can handle liquid viscosities up to 500 centipoise. Totton are an established quality British brand specialising in design and manufacture of magnetically and mechanically coupled pumps and electric motors. One example has a PP body which will transfer over 40 litres per minute of clean water for a head of 4 metres.

For diesel handling and lubrication equipment we choose from A-Flo equipment, Equipco and Macnaught.

We stock and supply the products from the following manufacturers…