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Dorot Valves at Midwest Valves

Here at Midwest Valves, we are industry specialists and valve suppliers in Australia. We provide access to an array of industrial products including industrial valves and other precision products for equipment automation and control for water, diesel, oil, pneumatic systems, grease pumps, and hoses. We supply and advise on an array of products that includes most types of industrial valves and their applications.

Among the many valve supply companies, we have contracts with is Dorot. Dorot is a global European-based company that has been in business for more than seventy years and is an industry pioneer in the provision of water control and optimization systems as well as air valves. Dorot valves is represented within Australia by AVFI Pty Ltd.

At Midwest Valves, we can now supply the Dorot range of pressure-reducing valves, differential float valves, and pressure-sustaining/relief valves…

Pressure-Reducing Valves – – these types of valves reduce variations in supply pressure to achieve stabilised pressure downstream. Regardless of flow rate fluctuation or upstream pressure, the valve maintains downstream pressure. Controlled by a 2-way or a 3-way pilot valve, the main valve is hydraulic and can be maintained inline. Operated by a pressure-reducing pilot valve, the valve and controls are Dorot Series 100 or similar

Differential Float Controlled Valves – these valves control water volume in a filling or emptying reservoir or tank. They close it when water attains a maximum level and open it when a preset minimum water level is reached. The differential between these levels is adjustable.  Valve and controls are Dorot Series 100 valve or similar. This hydraulic valve has a direct sealing diaphragm and is maintained inline. Activation is via inline pressure or external hydraulic pressure. The valve position is controlled by a 4-way float pilot situated in the top of the reservoir or tank.

Pressure-Sustaining/Relief Valves – these valves maintain upstream pressure and feature stable, accurate control between no-flow and full-flow. They relieve surplus flow and prevent high pressure during low demand. Regardless of flow rate variation, the pressure is maintained and the valve will close and open to guarantee compliance with the specific conditions. Simple in design, these valves are reliable and deliver extremely low loss rates at high flow. The hydraulic valve is activated by internal line pressure or external pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. Optional components include a cock valve, manual override selector valve, and a 3-way pilot valve.

Midwest Valves is among the leading valve suppliers in Australia.  Contact Peter today to learn more about our product range and to determine which products are ideal for your unique requirements. We deliver all over Australia (depending on the size of freight consignment) and if you seek a product not listed on our website, get in touch and we’ll endeavour to source it for you.

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