Seepex Progressive Cavity Pumps

Order Seepex Pumps Australia-wide from Midwest Valves. We service a wide range of industries, including food & beverage, environmental engineering, renewable energies, potable water, oil, gas, petrochemicals, pulp, and paper.

Seepex is a German manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps with a long history of successful applications.

We resell the SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. Their standard pumps can be applied to virtually all industrial sectors- for conveying thin to viscous media, with or without solids. They are available with various rotor/stator geometries ensuring economic operation.

Apart from the standard model, there are metering pumps, open hopper pumps, the T-BTEX range for extreme applications in the agriculture and biogas industries. Also available are food grade pumps, semi-submersible pumps and wobble pumps. Wobble pumps efficiently transfer liquids of all viscosities, even with a high proportion of solids.

The semi-submersible pumps drain full containers, pits, basins and barrels. They can convey abrasive or corrosive products with thin to high viscosity. There are four different immersion variations for adaptation to the application.

In conjunction with the pumps, SEEPEX supply customised control systems which are related to the customer’s process. There are proprietary solutions for lime mixing into biosolids, feeding filter presses and other processes.

Our Range Of Seepex Pumps

We stock and supply the following products from this company:

Progressive cavity including metering and open hopper models

  • Food grade pumps
  • Customised control systems
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