Progressive Cavity Pumps

A progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump that transfers fluid through a sequence of fixed shape cavities as its internal rotor turns. It is also known as a helical rotor or eccentric screw pump. It offers a constant pressure output and is suitable for handling abrasive and aggressive products of varying viscosity and high solids content.

They are suitable for a wide application range- flow rates from 0.06 litres per hour to 500 m³/hour. Differential pressures of up to 48 bar are available. The cavities progressing from suction to discharge don’t change shape and have no check valves to clog.

These pumps can be installed horizontally, vertically or in almost any position. Pump flow is reversible with shaft rotation and optional open hoppers and feeding arrangements can assist certain products into the rotor and stator.

Temperature ranges available are – 20˚C to 180˚C.

There are progressive cavity pumps that allow for faster maintenance of the rotor and stator to compensate for wear in operation.

Pumping Equipment Brands We Supply

Aussie Pumps
Commodore Energy
Delta Water
Flextool Concreting
General Pump Co
Matrix Solutions-Alpha Laval
Nastec Solar Pumps
Orange Pumps

Rapid Spray
Southern Cross
Southern Pumps
Star Solar
Toolkwip Pumps
Tsurumi and Wilden
Verder DURA pumps
Welling & Crossley
White International

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